Anna Chocholi

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Disciplines: Installatiekunstenaar, Mediakunstenaar, Videokunstenaar

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HardWired (+R.Notenboom & S.V.Vilsteren)
Titel HardWired (+R.Notenboom & S.V.Vilsteren)
Jaartal 2018
Omschrijving Can something synthetic feel more alive than something organic? Humanity tinkers, modifies and alters everything around itself. Through this, the world is redefined by the mind and tailored based on our needs. Hard-wired, explores the concepts of identity, humanization of nature and the role that human factor plays in our perception of the world.
Techniek Interactive installation
Titel NoisesintheNight
Jaartal 2018
Omschrijving Trying to follow Noisesinthenight’s improvisational style, this video was created as a visual display of the mental imagery that the music led. Intuitively and lit by the magical, dream-like colors of blue and magenta, these images were composed dictated by the the sound spectrum of the musical piece and rendered in real time.
Techniek Experimental video
Quintessence (+A.Verzier)
Titel Quintessence (+A.Verzier)
Jaartal 2017
Omschrijving Quintessence, proposes a representation of the dark matter that structures the social theatre and the negotiations that take place in the interexchange between public and private personas. The installation consists of a private booth were people are encouraged to anonymously share their thoughts and an interactive wall were all the shared words are clustered based on the frequency of their usage. Those dark clusters, dissolve into tiny particles, defining the viewer’s shadow making it part of the wall.
Techniek Interactive installation
The Qualia cells
Titel The Qualia cells
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving The “Qualia Cells” attempts an investigation on the emotional experience that everyday environments elicit. Four interactive environments were created and displayed in the form of a virtual cave. In that, the participants were encouraged to explore them while at the same time, their emotional response was monitored using an EEG system.
Techniek Interactive installation
Titel Excemption
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving Inspired by the hip hop culture, the initial material for this video was found on the web and through compositing and editing techniques was put together into a novel narrative. Urban scenes of decay and struggle complete each other withdrawing any final resolution from view.
Techniek Music video
Titel Experiment
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving Pop culture, color and rhythm. Experiment is ultimately an experimentation routing in the borderlines between hip hop street culture and video art.
Techniek Music video
Possessive Pronouns
Titel Possessive Pronouns
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving Mystical creatures roam about in abandoned sceneries and rainy forests. A dialogue between the subconscious darkness and a forgotten love. Possessive pronouns was created to visualize the homonymous music track by Phonotribe project.
Techniek Music video

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Leiden University MsC, Media Technology 2016-2018
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki BFA, Visual and Applied Arts 2010 - 2016

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Lid van Beroeps / Kunstenaarsvereniging TwelveLab
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jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2017 Language, V_2 Institute for unstable media Interactive installation GROEP
2017 Dark Matters, Het Ketelhuis in De Meelfabriek, Leiden Interactive installation GROEP
2015 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary ART, cooperation with Ivan Argote Video installation GROEP
2015 In Between/Reloaded, Geni Jami (Old Archaeological Museum) , Thessaloniki Video art GROEP
2015 Inner/Outer Self, Society for Study of Cultural Diversity, Athens Video art GROEP