Hannah Dawn Henderson

Titel A Portrait of the Artist
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving Nouvelle vogue meets MS Powerpoint meets Whitney Houston. Positioned ambiguously between parody and authenticity, between the sincere and the sarcastic, A Portrait of the Artist confronts the archetype of 'the artist'. The film examines mundanity's ability to forever infiltrate the 'artistic' sphere, and vice versa. Discourse becomes disco in this surreal, highly-stylised reality, in which one's social shortcomings are discussed with Foucault and eating a pizza looks like a scene out of a German expressionist film. Beneath this absurd surface there lies questions concerned with academic-artistic tensions, exhibitionism, and the position of the female figure in both artistic and academic history. The film is, essentially, a multi-faceted portrait composed of a compilation of film clips that are in themselves individual portraits; some clips are distinctly staged, some posed to echo pre-existing artworks by female artists (Cahun being a notable influence) and others are candid. A self-portrait of the artist, a portrait of the artist as an artist, a portrait of 'the artist'.
Techniek Video