Tatiana Kolganova

Disciplines: Installatiekunstenaar, Mixed media/interdisciplinair kunstenaar, Performancekunstenaar

Omschrijving werk


Titel Lettersonic
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving The sound-visual experience is a concrete poetry of letters. For the performance I have drawn a font of English alphabet and used a software which is based on Russian photoelectronic synthesizer ANS to produce sound of each letter. The resulting sound goes through a spectrum analyzer creating a sonogram (visual representation of sound).
Techniek live performance
Formaat 12 min
Titel Synesthesia
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving «Synesthesia» - the joint project of artist Tatiana Kolganova and composer Olesya Rostovskaya, which made with the unique photoelectronic sythesizer ANS. The musical instrument was created by Russian engeneer Evgeny Murzin from 1937 to 1957. The core of the synthesizer is a transformation from drawing to a sound. ANS consists of 10 octaves and each of them has 72 pure sinusoid tones. Thus the possibilites to create a sound out of an image are amle. The idea of the project came from two different directions to see ANS. The artist direction was going from drawing and curiosity which sound can be produced by the drawing, the composer direction was going from sound and drawing the music as itself.
Techniek sound-visual installation
Among the words
Titel Among the words
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving The installation consists of transparent words in an empty room. Those words are taken from two old Japanese haiku. Now they unite with the space and create another experience.
Techniek installation, mixed media
A word meets a live process
Titel A word meets a live process
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving The installation with growing bacteria from soil
Techniek mixed media
Tactile experience
Titel Tactile experience
Jaartal 2012
Techniek installation, mixed media
Titel Identification
Jaartal 2008
Techniek video
Formaat 3 min
Titel Space
Jaartal 2007
Omschrijving The film is about insularity and reiteration.
Techniek film
Formaat 15 min

Omschrijving werk


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Erkende vakopleiding

Academie / instituut & plaats studierichting / specialisatie periode van / tot diploma
Den Haag, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten ArtScience 2012-2016 J

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Instituut / docent & plaats (studie)richting periode van / tot
Moscow State University of Printing Arts. Moscow, Russia Graphic Artist 1996 – 2001

Cursussen, workshops

Naam instituut & plaats onderwerp periode van / tot
Moscow Institute of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia New Strategies in Contemporary Arts 2008 - 2009

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Curriculum vitae


jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2016 Graduation festival, Royal Academy of Art The Hague sound-visual, concrete poetry, live performance “Lettersonic” GROEP
2015 “From Synesthesia to the Synthesis of the Arts”, Scientific-practical conference, Center of contemporary art “Smena”, Kazan, Russia the project “Synesthesia”, which was made with the unique Russian photoelectronic synthesizer ANS. In collaboration with composer Olesya Rostovskaya GROEP
2014 “ANS - at the origins of electronic music”, The Glinka National Museum Consortium of Musical Culture, Moscow, Russia the project “Synesthesia”, which was made with the unique Russian photoelectronic synthesizer ANS. In collaboration with composer Olesya Rostovskaya DUO
2014 “Living Art Live Art”, Waag Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands the presentation of an installation with live bacteria “A word meets live process” GROEP
2009 "Art after the end of history", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia Series of paintings “10x15”, oil on canvas GROEP
2009 "Dream",The State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia installation “Big Skirts” in collaboration with Leyla Sultan GROEP
2008 Art-Moscow XII. Contemporary art fair, “Counting sensations” special project, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia Series of paintings “On the wayside of Zoology”, oil on canvas GROEP
2008 Festival of New Media Art “CARTES FLUX 3” Espoo, Finland "Space", 15 min, video, fiction/experimental GROEP
2007 National prize in documentary films and television “Approximation”, 26 min, video, documentary, 2007. This film is about first wave of Russian emigration to Bizerte, Tunisia. At that place Russian Imperial Navy ceased to exist in 1924. The heroine of film is an old woman Anastasia Shirinskaya, who came to Bizerte as small girl and lived there all her life. GROEP


jaartal instelling titel & typering project
2017 self-project in collaboration with composer Olesya Rostovskaya Synesthesia 2 sound-visual installation

Prijzen en stipendia

jaartal instantie, plaats omschrijving
2016 Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag ArtScience department award (nomination)