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yota morimoto

Disciplines: Mediakunstenaar, Mixed media/interdisciplinair kunstenaar, Performancekunstenaar

Yota Morimoto is a Japanese composer, sound artist and researcher born in Brazil. He holds a master's degree in Sonology from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, and Ph.D. in composition from the University of Birmingham, UK. He has been performed and commissioned by ensembles and musicians such as SonoLab [NL], Amsterdam Collage Ensemble [NL], Plus-Minus Ensemble [UK], Ensemble Vortex [CH], Ensemble Klang [NL], Duo Cristobal - Takada [NL], among others, and his sound installations and audio-visual works have been presented at festivals such as TodaysArt [The Hague], GOGBOT [Enschede], NWEAMO [Morelia], Transmediale [Berlin], ISEA [Dortmund, Istanbul], makeart [Poitier], EMUfest [Rome], ICMC [Belfast, Perth, Athens], SMC [Porto, Barcelona] and SICMF [Seoul]. Together with the members of the Mutu Ensemble he commissions and performs new music. He lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands.

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