Sabin Garea

Titel Gorgeous Life
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving The work plays with a photographic family archive, using an unconventional book format. The images are blended together in long strips quoting the cinematographic flow of stills behind the projector lens. The pages are not flipped, but they are scrolled in front of the viewer by the turning of a knob. The image content of the book unwinds creating a better immersive experience for the viewer. The archive is a found one. I work with the image, here, in a clinical manner, basing my choices on elements of content, color or composition. This book is a second step of my broader research around the way image operates when stripped of its emotional background. The function of the family picture to mark a certain memory is broken in the absence of a translation of the depicted event.
Techniek inkjet print, wood and aluminum casing
Formaat 50/70/12