Tivon Rice

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Disciplines: Installatiekunstenaar, Mediakunstenaar, Videokunstenaar

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The Voices of Nandimul X
Titel The Voices of Nandimul X
Jaartal 2018
Omschrijving Nandimul X is a ghost living within an artificial intelligence, or more precisely, within a machine learning model trained on the complete works of science fiction author J.G. Ballard. As this language model describes images of mysterious landscapes and structures, it both hallucinates Ballard's artistic style and recalls his many critiques of modernism and its effects on architecture, urban life, and the natural environment. Commissioned for the 2018 Modern Body Laboratory, The Voices of Nandimul X explores the program's theme of permanence in a post-digital world, and asks: how do histories reside in physical spaces? Can images accumulate a significance over time, different than that of the object within the image? And how may our imaginations of an afterlife be impacted by A.I. systems that are increasingly capable of archiving and emulating an individual's creative output. Made possible by The Modern Body Festival, Yukun Zhu, Google Artists and Machine Intelligence, Maxwell Forbes, and the University of Washington Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media. Narration by Kevin Walton. The 3 VR films are accompanied by a series of archival digital prints.
Techniek Computer generated text, sound, VR films
Formaat variable
The Voices of Nandimul X
Titel The Voices of Nandimul X
Jaartal 2018
Omschrijving Detail from VR film with computer generated text
Techniek Computer generated text, sound, VR films
Formaat variable
A Macrocosmic Zero - Redux
Titel A Macrocosmic Zero - Redux
Jaartal 2017
Omschrijving In 2017, A Macrocosmic Zero was recommissioned for the opening of ECOOL, a new cultural initiative in Chongqing, China. Just as the campus of ECOOL inhabits a large block of disused industrial factories, the video feedback mechanism in A Macrocosmic Zero similarly operates to reconfigure images of a space over time. Also see A Macrocosmic Zero (2010).
Techniek Real-time audio and video, kinetic sculp
Formaat variable
Concrete Grounds
Titel Concrete Grounds
Jaartal 2017
Omschrijving Concrete Grounds proposes the creative mapping of urban spaces while addressing the many ways images, language, and data describe our built environments. It represents a synthesis of three emerging technologies – Photogrammetry, Machine Learning, and VR. Photogrammetry is a process that renders 3D models of space by analyzing hundreds of 2D photos. The resulting models are highly virtualized – hollow and glitchy – creating uncanny relationships between the surface image and the underlying structures of these sites. I was first introduced to Machine Learning in 2015 through a collaboration with Google AMI – Artists and Machine Intelligence. When they asked the question: “How can Artists use these tools to create meaningful relationships with large sets of data?” I proposed training two recursive neural networks to “speak” in the tone of city planners and public protests to developments in Seattle. After collecting 500,000 related documents from the city and training the two speech models, the machine intelligences could analyze my photogrammetric images and generate absurd or frighteningly accurate dialogues about these scenes of the city’s development. VR is a field that I have entered carefully, focusing on its artistic potential as a form of expanded cinema, and as a medium for the critical examination of space, presence, and the world of images we inhabit. With Concrete Grounds I combine these three emerging technologies around a research project that focuses on mapping spaces and data in Seattle, Washington – a city that is experiencing rapid socio-economic, technological, and visual change. The artwork resulting from this research is a short VR film that explore sites around Seattle and generate dialogues using Machine Intelligences trained on local datasets.
Techniek VR short film with voiceover from AI gen
Formaat variable
Regrowth: For Toad Hill
Titel Regrowth: For Toad Hill
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving Regrowth: for Toad Hill is a research project commissioned by the 2016 Modern Body Festival and DEZACT. The collaboration between Architect Wei Haw Wang (TW/JP) and Artist Tivon Rice (NL/US) began by mapping the Toad Hill neighborhood during site-visits to Taipei. Rice's photogrammetric animation was then paired with, and projected within, a parametric structure designed by Wang. This installation debuted at the 2016 Modern Body Festival in Den Haag, NL.
Techniek photogrammetric animation, sound, acryli
Formaat variable
Sous Brutalisme
Titel Sous Brutalisme
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving Sous Brutalisme was created during a group photogrammetry workshop held in conjunction with Seattle's Heny Art Gallery. Participants discussed the history, design, and preservation status of the University of Washington's former experimental nuclear reactor building, before each taking hundreds of digital photos around the site. The resulting archive of images was used to photogrammetrically reconstruct the building, which was demolished later that year.
Techniek photogrammetric digital print
Formaat 240 x 110
Drone Triptychs
Titel Drone Triptychs
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving These images and texts represent Rice’s studies of Seattle’s rapid change. As many sites and landscapes in the city disappear, a new kind of visuality emerges: one shaped by economic forces, the influx of tech, and developments that often favor these interests rather than those of the diverse communities that call Seattle home. In Drone Triptychs, these scenes and locations are explored through a digital process – photogrammetry – which generates a virtual 3D model by analyzing hundreds of two-dimensional photos. In order to access all possible perspectives, many of the photos were captured using a drone, an airborne camera funded by 4Culture’s 2015 Tech Specific grant. The models that result from photogrammetry can then be scaled, rotated, inverted, animated, textured, or rendered as a wireframe. This act of virtualizing a space, which often creates a glitchy, hollow, or flattened shell of the original site, seems similar to many of the large-scale image-making processes at work in the city: regrading, demolition, faux preservation, façadism. The accompanying texts further explore a virtual or uncanny representation of Seattle’s image. Working in collaboration with Google AMI - Artists and Machine Intelligence, a computer was trained to “speak” by analyzing over 250,000 documents from Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development. Ranging from design proposals and guidance, to public comments and protest, the vocabulary that resulted from this training was used by the software to automatically generate captions and short stories about each photo. In these stories, the “voices” of city planners and the public are put into a virtual dialogue (or argument) with each other as they describe each scene.
Techniek photogrammetric digital prints
Formaat 50 x 40
Titel FEAR
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving FEAR is a collaboration between artist Tivon Rice and poet Hannah Sanghee Park. Organizing light and animation with text and sound, the project examines the mediation of language, and imagines it’s extension into visual and physical space.
Techniek neon, video, sound
Formaat variable
Site Machines
Titel Site Machines
Jaartal 2014
Omschrijving Site Machines began with a process similar to many of my recent projects; one of spending time in a site that is new to me, looking at what is directly apparent and what is revealed through further observation, then trying to understand how that place works as a part of a larger system. Through this process, I am interested in discovering the different ways that images and physical spaces work on our memory, our immediate senses, and our expectations. My installations, in turn, create opportunities to watch something unfold over longer durations, and are organized around a sense that something happened, something is happening, or something is about to happen. Site Machines specifically organizes a network of cameras, screens, and lighting elements throughout Suyama Space. The cameras, each animated by a unique mechanical motion device, open up different ways of moving through and seeing the spaces, surfaces, and frames created by the gallery’s architecture. Further exploring the building, cameras look beyond the main floor to the less visible workspaces and storage areas below, drawing together videos of the gallery with scenes of the tools, materials, and models used by the architecture studio. The installation works as a mechanism for both creating and viewing images, and thus emulates the functions of the Suyama Building: a studio and a gallery, a site of production and of presentation.
Techniek live video, neon, kinetic sculpture, sou
Formaat variable
Arcade Zero
Titel Arcade Zero
Jaartal 2012
Omschrijving As SeMA Artist in Residence and 2011/12 Fulbright Scholar, Rice spent one year studying the speeds and scale of urban transformation in South Korea. Focusing on a number of sites in Seoul, this research contributed to a diverse body of work, including photography, sculpture, video, sound, and installation, that explores how memory is constructed, contained, and altered in space. Arcade Zero specifically brings together materials observed, collected, and fabricated in Sewoon Market, a soon-to-be-demolished series of arcade blocks in downtown Seoul. Combining neon lighting, live sound, and delayed video from an array of motion controlled closed-circuit cameras, the system reflects an environment in constant flux; alternately emerging and receding, yet ever out of phase with the surrounding space.
Techniek Real-time audio and video, kinetic sculp
Formaat variable

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Website www.tivonrice.com


Andere opleiding

Instituut / docent & plaats (studie)richting periode van / tot
University of Washington PhD - Digital Arts and Experimental Media 2007-2015
University of Washington MFA - Sculpture 2004-2006
University of Colorado BFA - Electronic Media 1996-2000

Overige gegevens

Lid van Beroeps / Kunstenaarsvereniging
Deelnemer van Kunstenaarsinitiatief iii - InstrumentInventors.org

Curriculum vitae


jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2018 WD4X - Den Haag, NL The Voices of Nandimul X - exhibition of recent work with Machine Learning, Photogrammetry, and VR SOLO
2016 Threshold Gallery - Seattle, US Façades - exhibition of large scale photogrammetric (3D) images, taken with a drone. SOLO
2016 A Modern Body Festival, Paviljoen Baruch - Den Haag, NL + Taipei, TW Collaboration with Taiwanese Architect to map urban spaces in Taipei, and represent those spaces with experiments in parametric architecture and 3D digital imaging. GROEP
2015 Out of Sight, King Street Culture Station - Seattle, USA Exhibition of independent Artists, creating site-specific installations to coincide with Seattle Art Fair. GROEP
2015 Black Box 2.0 - Seattle, US International Art, Film, and Technology Festival. GROEP
2014 Suyama Space - Seattle, US Site Machines, immersive installation of neon light, robotics, and live video circuits. SOLO
2014 A Modern Body Festival, Raamweg 47 - Den Haag, NL Co-located collaboration between visual and sonic artists in Netherlands, Argentina, and USA. GROEP
2013 Onn/Of - Light Festival - Seattle, US Installations and performances of light-based artworks. GROEP
2012 Seoul Museum of Art - Seoul, KR Arcade Zero, immersive installation of neon light, robotics, and live video circuits. SOLO
2012 Seoul International New Media Festival - Seoul, KR Immersive light installation with real-time audio. GROEP


jaartal instelling titel & typering project
2017 Vanderbilt University Drones + Urban Photogrammetry Photo/Anthropology workshop led by Tivon Rice, to explore the 3D imaging process - photogrammetry - in urban spaces around Nashville, Tennessee, USA
2016 Modern Body Festival Mapping the Visual Layer Symposium Presentation and Roundtable Discussion at Het Nutshuis, Den Haag, NL
2016 Google Cultural Institute Artists and Machine Learning Conference, presentations and discussions between artists working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Paris, FR
2016 Museum of History and Industry Drones + Urban Photogrammetry Presentation on drone photography, 3D photogrammetry, and machine learning, in Seattle, USA
2016 Google Artists and Machine Intelligence Presentation on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the visual arts, San Francisco, USA

Internationale uitwisseling

jaartal instelling
2016 Modern Body Festival/Dezact - Taipei, TW
2014 Pilckuck Glass School - Seattle, US
2012 Seoul Museum of Art - Seoul, KR
2012 Korea-America Fulbright Commission - Seoul, KR


jaartal opdrachtgever plaats / land typering opdracht uitgevoerd
2017 Seattle Office of Arts and Culture US Public solar-art commission N

Aankopen / werken in collecties

jaartal naam collectie plaats / land omschrijving aankoop
2016 Seattle Office of Arts and Culture US purchase of
2013 Private US purchase of
2010 Collection of Greg Kucera Gallery US purchase of
2009 Private KR purchase of
2008 Henry Art Museum US purchase of
2008 Portland Art Museum US purchase of
2007 Private US purchase of
2007 Private UK purchase of
2007 Private US purchase of
2006 Private US purchase of


jaartal titel publicatie uitgever / samensteller, plaats typering
2017 Suyama Space suyamaspace.org, Beth Sellars, Seattle, US Venue catalog 1998-2017
2014 Site Machines suyamaspace.org, Kolya Rice, Seattle, US Solo exhibition catalog
2012 Arcade Zero Seoul Museum of Art, Hyejeong Bae, Seoul, KR Solo exhibition catalog
2009 Out of Bounds: Art from the Collection of Driek and Michael Zirinsky Whatcom Museum of Art, John Pierce, Seattle, US Collection/group exhibition catalog
2007 2006 Joan Mitchell Grant Recipients CUE Art Foundation, New York, US Group exhibition catalog

Prijzen en stipendia

jaartal instantie, plaats omschrijving
2017 James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Grant - Seattle, US Nominated, $20,000 USD grant
2016 New Foundation Career Incentive Grant - Seattle, US Received $3,000 USD grant for travel/research
2015 4culture Tech-Specific Grant - Seattle, US Received $15,000 USD grant for new-media research/equipment
2015 4culture Individual Artists Grant - Seattle, US Received $5,000 USD unrestricted grant
2015 University of Washington Pre-Doctoral Teaching Scholarship 2007-2015 $30,000 USD annual scholarship
2015 University of Washington Research Fellowship 2007-2015 $5,000 USD annual research funds

Artistieke nevenactiviteiten

nevenactiviteit van tot
Visiting instructor (upcoming) - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - Master Digital Design, Amsterdam, NL 2018 2018
Member - iii workspace - InstrumentInventors.org, Den Haag, NL 2017 2017
Visiting Artist/Instructor - University of Washington DXARTS, Seattle, US 2015 2017
Visiting Artist/Instructor - University of Washington DXARTS, Seattle, US 2006 2007