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Commentary Informed (working title)
Titel Commentary Informed (working title)
Jaartal 2017
Omschrijving Work in process – research phase. This project proposes a conceptual tool constructing critical awareness of digital formation of memories in the post-truth age.
Techniek digital artwork, installation
Formaat Collective Memory Agency Machine
News without News
Titel News without News
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving The credibility of the press in China is diminishing because it is increasingly controlled and censored. The government and news media also have an interest in steering public opinion. Political concerns can lead to censorship or ‘harmonised news’, to feed the readers with stories they might like and thus avoid sensitive topics. However, lots of valuable comments are posted in which readers oppose the biased, utilitarian news production. These reactions can disclose facts that would normally not be published. Dai addresses the central question in what way creativity and design can counter information control and utilitarian news production in China. The project launches a platform, which 'saves' information and makes it possible to open up new discussions or form new data. The platform tracks published civic live-feeds on the most currently populated and debated articles before they might be censored or controlled. It makes a statement about the current practices in Chinese journalism. The comments are presented in the format of newspaper and news site, in a simple black-and-white environment, so contrary to the usual “black-on-white”. The site takes a neutral stance with no editing. The popularity of the topic featured in the feeds defines the hierarchy of presentation changing over time. People who comment are reporters, commentators and researchers of the platform.
Techniek radical internet activism
Formaat algorithm demo, screening
The Variable Credibility
Titel The Variable Credibility
Jaartal 2016
Omschrijving Researching the credibility of online news has been a complex issue, there are a lot of variables that influence credibility in a complex way. Credibility (in total) is a layering of “credibilities” (each important variable), credibility is contextual. However, it is still difficult to judge whether the article is credible, simply by one layer of variables, it only can be assessed comprehensively more credible or less credible in certain context. The content of articles could be called “apparent” credibility. The entire news presentation are about attractiveness and readability, in combination with the brand of the platform they create an ‘intended’ credibility, which is circumstantial. The perception of the whole ‘credibililty’ (content and news presentation) can be manipulated.
Techniek research
Formaat book (36cm * 26cm
War in Go
Titel War in Go
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving The project is to experiment with data representations of the Chinese Civil War between the Communist party and the Nationalist party in a theatrical performance, which has often been used to reflect political action. The setting of the installation references the Go game as a medium to perform the the different stages of the timeline of the Civil War. The garments per se represent each party. Each piece of the garment represents one troop within a party which is sequentially dispatched by performer, and the length represents the “size” of the troop.
Techniek 'data performance'
Catalogue Deconstruction and Sound Patte
Titel Catalogue Deconstruction and Sound Patte
Jaartal 2015
Omschrijving The project deals with the reproduction of an exhibition catalogue made by Wim Crouwel for Stedelijk Museum. Analysing and deconstructing the catalogue by simple geometrics and lines in multiple ways led to an exploration the principles of Crouwel’s work that were rhythmically constructed. In terms of expanding the adaptability of design practice, the pattern of deconstruction can actually compose a sound pattern for guitar performance, through reconstructing the pattern in the rule of double-sided printing order, that readers would have hardly noticed them. The guitar performance echoes the sound pattern and connects to ‘cybernetic theory’ that the artist Nicolas Schoffer applied to his works.
Techniek 'data performance'
Coded Composition
Titel Coded Composition
Jaartal 2013
Omschrijving The project provides a geometric system to visualise the different genres of Rock music and explore the interactivity between sounds and patterns. It is potentially to compose and perform the fusion of music by coded language based on the composition of geometrics.
Techniek data visualisation/screening

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Academie / instituut & plaats studierichting / specialisatie periode van / tot diploma
Eindhoven, Design Academy Information Design Sep 2014 - June 2016 J

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Instituut / docent & plaats (studie)richting periode van / tot
China Academy of Art Visual communication 2009 - 2013

Cursussen, workshops

Naam instituut & plaats onderwerp periode van / tot
ArtEZ Post-truth fiction 21 - 24 June 2017
Digital Methods Winter School 2018, University of Amsterdam Memory Formation in Digital Identity Politics 8 - 12 Jan 2018

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jaartal naam tentoonstellingsruimte korte omschrijving solo / duo / groep
2017 Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (DE) Food Revolution 5.0 GROEP
2016 Dutch Design Week 2016, Eindhoven (NL) DAE Graduation Show GROEP


jaartal instelling titel & typering project
2018 Digital Methods Initiative, UvA Memory Formation in Digital Identity Politics Research
2017 The Common Affairs Commentary Informed Research, digital artwork
2017 Stimuleringsfonds Commentary Informed Research, digital artwork


jaartal opdrachtgever plaats / land typering opdracht uitgevoerd
2017 Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Germany Screening, installation J


jaartal titel publicatie uitgever / samensteller, plaats typering
2017 Food Revolution 5.0 Claudia Banz and Sabine Schulze, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Published catalogue book
2016 In Need of ... Design Academy Eindhoven catalogue book

Prijzen en stipendia

jaartal instantie, plaats omschrijving
2017 Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie funding for project Commentary Informed
2017 The Common Affairs funding for project Commentary Informed
2016 Crypto Design Challenge, Amsterdam Nomination

Artistieke nevenactiviteiten

nevenactiviteit van tot
Workshop presentation, Post-truth Fiction, ArtEZ 2017 2017
Project presentation, VondelCS, Amsterdam 2016 2016